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Clarinet Soloist Academy is an annual summer camp, inviting professional students to participate in an intense week of masterclasses. The Academy is to provoke independent thinking and raise questions in the approach to music making. The “experimental feel” of these courses is due to open-public events, always present concert atmosphere and evening group discussions.

During the week we have a visiting non-clarinetist professor to give a day of his/her own masterclass, which helps to gain an outside view on our repertoire.

The Academy is situated in a picturesque area of Jura mountains, only 14 km from Geneva International Airport. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and partners we have a chance to offer this course for free to all active an passive participants, therefore commerce should not stand in our way to meet the highest level of musicians. It is only a minor administrative fee, accommodation and meals to be paid by the participants.

We offer two active courses: Clarinet Soloist and Piano & Chamber Music course. The clarinet course is given by three clarinet soloists of the “Orchestre de la Suisse Romande”, while the Piano & Chamber Music course is led by a laureate of numerous competitions and awards, Saya Hashino. Both courses are oriented to making chamber music and making yourself understood, equally by the audience, ensemble partners, as by yourself.

The number of active clarinet participants is limited to 16, meanwhile active piano participants are limited to 8. At the end of the week all active participants shall be given a certificate of participation.

In the afternoon, students shall be performing at our JAM, Classic Concerts Improvised. It is there, where we intend to make the most of our performing experience. A unique project, inspired by the JAM-Sessions from Jazz tradition. Musicians are invited to prepare a list of standards, the usual chamber music repertoire with clarinet and piano, that every clarinetist should know: Weber, Schumann, Brahms, etc.. On the day, we announce the programme and musicians begin to perform without any preparation. Pianists shall be given together with the invitation 2 or 3 works by the composers from the list. The clarinetists are supposed to know the entire programme. The live Jam in a form of a master-class will give us an opportunity to explore together with the audience the aspects of music making and communication.

Whether you have a Concerto to play or an orchestral audition, or just want to keep active through the summer vacation, come and meet the colleagues to share the passion to music. Every musician aims to open up ones emotions and find paths to soloistic playing; we are all here to meet and define these paths, whether in “Concerto” or orchestra/chamber music performance.

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